NBA Finals – Game 7 Cage Match


This is what we’ve all been waiting for. Tonight’s Game 7 is set to be one of the greatest Finals Game 7’s we’ve ever seen. Legacies are on the line—Golden State is chasing the best season ever while trying to go down as the greatest team of all-time. LeBron is trying to reclaim his throne, and the Cavs are trying to be the first team to ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. Here are our predictions of how tonight’s game will go.

T – I’m sticking with Golden State. In our first article, I picked Golden State to win this series in seven games, so now I’m predicting I’ll be right. Here’s why:

1) I don’t see Cleveland beating Golden State three games in a row. Beating any team three times in a row is hard enough in itself, let alone the greatest regular season team of all-time. The game is in Oakland, and it’s going to be extremely tough for the Cavs to pull this one out.

2) Stephen Curry is pissed. In Game 6, he picked up his sixth foul, chucked his mouthpiece at a fan, (don’t think he meant to hit the guy, but hey, he’s got a great shot,) got a technical and got tossed. Rightfully so, he had a reason to be mad. He stripped Kyrie clean for his fifth foul, and then tried to get out of LeBron’s way as LeBron barreled into him for his sixth. Before making his way off the court, he pointed at LeBron on the opposite end and said, “I’m coming.” LET’S GO BABY—LEBRON/STEPH HELL IN A CELL.

3) LeBron James has looked unstoppable thus far, and I really don’t expect tonight to be any different. I do, however, expect the Splash Brothers to go insane. I do expect Draymond Green to shoot the ball more than seven times like he did in Game 6. I do expect Harrison Barnes to not look like trash as he has in the last two games. I do expect the Warriors bench to be exactly what they are, the deepest bench in the league. And I pray that Iggy’s back can hold up, and he can be effective on both ends of the court. I know how back problems are, and they’re not fun.

I’m going with a score of GS 118 – CLE 105. Not very close, but every game in these Finals has been decided by double figures. I can see the game being close, but I can also see Golden State running away with it at the end, so I’m going with that. Steph is dropping 40+, and Draymond should have close to a triple-double.

D – Prime reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win Game 7—LeBron James.

1) LeBron has put up monster numbers throughout these NBA Finals. He’s leading the way in every major statistical category for both teams, and whether or not the Cavs take home the hardware, LeBron should take home some of his own. He deserves to win MVP regardless of the outcome.

He’s looking like the old Cleveland LeBron. He’s hitting jumpers. He’s going on massive scoring runs by himself. He’s D-ing up every player he comes up against. He’s unstoppable, and The King is bringing one to The Land.

2) Kyrie Irving a.k.a. Uncle Drew has been keeping the offense going no matter what. He keeps a pace to the game for the Cavs to be able to keep up with the Warriors, and at times it looks like he can’t miss. He looks like the sidekick LeBron has needed since he left Dwyane Wade to win another ring.

3) Tristan Thomspon is an energy machine. LeBron is the MVP, but this man is the real MVP. He should be able to out-rebound anybody on the Warriors easily. EAS-I-LY. With the departure of the Warriors best rim-protector, Andrew Bogut, nobody can hold Tristan Thompson. You got the flop machine in Anderson Varejao, which how has this dude not been fined yet? You have Festus Ezeli who looks like he doesn’t belong out there. And you have Draymond Green, who let’s face it—as good a defender as he is, he’s just too small. A double-double should be no problem for the big man.

I’m predicting a score of CLE 103 – GS 96. This will be the first close game this Finals has seen. Hopefully Lil’ Kev can drop some dimes, and LeBron is definitely going H.A.M. The King will have 35 pts – 11 reb – 6 ast – 2 blk – 2 stl to win the Finals MVP.

Final Thoughts

Regardless out the outcome, this game should be amazing. It has every reason to be. Will Golden State become the greatest team of all-time, or will LeBron reclaim his throne and prove once and for all that he is the most dominant force in basketball? Only time will tell, and we’re itching for this game to start.


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