The Nets have no idea what they are doing.

It’s pretty clear; the Nets have ruined their team. It’s been this way since, well, about the time they relocated to Brooklyn. They first acquired a shadow of what was Deron Williams, and then they traded for Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, and KG—all past their prime.

All in the past—on draft night, they decided to trade away Thad Young to the Indiana Pacers for the twentieth pick in the draft, and select Caris LeVert. He’s a shooter from Michigan with potential, but for real…what are they doing? They’re already trash, and they don’t own their first right draft pick’s for the next two years. They have some money to spend in free agency, but with them looking nowhere near being a contender, who will want to go there?

Thad Young, on the other hand, is probably thrilled that he now plays for a team who seems to know exactly what they’re doing. Indiana is in contention for the Eastern Conference Finals every year. Young will make a great pairing with a young, very talented Myles Turner. He gives the Pacers an athletic, slashing power forward that comes to play every night, and with only losing George Hill to Utah, but getting the addition of All-Star point guard Jeff Teague from Atlanta, they look like they could be in contention for the Finals.

George Hill going to the Jazz extremely helps their team. The only thing that’s been keeping the Jazz from missing the playoffs is an NBA-caliber point guard. The Hawks believe Dennis Schroder can quickly fill Jeff Teague’s spot, and aquired the number twelve pick in the draft which they used to select “The Rebound Specialist” Taurean Prince.

Another team who we believe is already much-improved is the New York Knicks. Oh how quickly people forget how truly great someone is.

Nobody believes in Derrick Rose, the youngest MVP in league history, nowadays. Not only do we expect him to remain healthy, but under Phil Jackson, he’s going full zen-mode. Phil will have this man growing extra ACL’s after one of his yoga sessions. With Melo hungry for a ring, an emerging young star in Kristaps Porzingis, and zen-master Phil looking to do something big in free agency, the Knicks might finally be looking up. They have to be laughing at the Nets right now.

After trading away Derrick Rose, the Bulls got Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon in return. Lopez can fill the hole at center, with Joakim Noah expected to leave once free agency begins. Jerian Grant is a young prospect still trying to find his game in the NBA, while Calderon brings a nice veteran presence on the team.

Now on to the big one. The Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder made a trade that should improve both of their teams. Serge Ibaka was sent to the Magic in exchange for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the draft rights to the eleventh pick in the draft, Domantas Sabonis. The Magic got themselves a versatile power forward in Ibaka. He brings leadership, shooting, and a defensive mentality to this young team. On the flip-side, the Thunder got the better end of this deal. Ilyasova is a stretch-4, much like Ibaka, and Oladipo is the shooting guard they’ve needed all along. He can take some of the ball-handling duties from Westbrook, as well as take some of the scoring pressure from Westbrook and KD. The Thunder now find themselves with possibly the most athletic backcourt in the league; Westbrook and Oladipo on the fastbreak is like two fat dudes in line at Cinnabon—you’re not going to stop that.

Some viewed Domantas Sabonis as a top-10 prospect in the draft. He is a high energy, low-post player with great footwork, and brings the Thunder a good rebounder with a solid back to the basket game. He’s not the greatest athlete, but pairing with Steven Adams will be incredible to watch. Both players are as intense as they come, and as the season progresses, he could very well find himself stepping into the starting line-up.

Overall Grades

Brooklyn Nets: F

Indiana Pacers: A

Utah Jazz: A-

Atlanta Hawks: B

Chicago Bulls: B

New York Knicks: B+

Orlando Magic: B

Oklahoma City Thunder: A


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