The Luke Walton effect

For the past three seasons, there hasn’t been much to cheer about in Laker Land.

Other than the departing game of Kobe Bryant where he dropped 60 points on the Jazz, things have been dismal. But man, what a time to be alive.

Bringing in former Laker Luke Walton as the new head coach was perhaps the best move the Lakers have made in years.

Mike Brown got the infamous Kobe death stare that ultimately led to his firing, Mike D’Antoni could’ve cared less about playing any kind of defense, (which was evident in the Lakers first game this season against Houston,) and Byron Scott was the coach every Laker fan loved to hate.

Walton has spoken openly about bringing a winning culture back to Los Angeles with the primary focus being the team’s defense, which has looked better in the preseason and the first quarter of the regular season.

Now entering the post-Kobe era, the Lakers look to their young core, specifically D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram to usher in a new generation of the Showtime Lakers.

With Bryant gone, Russell is looking to take over the leading role. Mr. Ice in his Veins has missed a few games due to injury, but he looks like someone the Lakers can look to in key moments when the clock is winding down. Ingram will also look to be someone who can fill this role, but with his current frame, it will take a little while longer for the young rookie to get situated in the NBA game.

Clarkson has taken to his role coming off the bench quite nicely, and Randle is just a straight up beast who seems to get in his opponent’s head every night.

Walton is definitely what the Lakers have been looking for: a young player’s coach who can relate to the team and actually has them playing a fun brand of basketball.

So here’s to the future—may it be filled with many more championships.


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