Is Ricky Rubio Dunn?

With Ricky Rubio catching a shin to the elbow during the fourth quarter of a game vs. the Kings, he has been ruled out indefinitely and gives the reigns of the offense to the number five overall pick, Kris Dunn, who is arguably one of the most NBA ready players coming out of the draft. Dunn brings lockdown defense, a pass-first mindset and an evolving offensive game. Dunn’s fortunate fall into the staring lineup could lead to big things for the already exciting Timberwolves.

The Wolves are a team of budding superstars in Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and they will help Dunn have an easier transition into the NBA by not having to carry a team, but play a role within it. He should fit easily with Tom Thibedou’s defensive mindset with that being his most NBA ready skill.

Dunn can take control of what a lot of people consider to be a playoff team and run with this opportunity, potentially putting Ricky Rubio on the outs.


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