Five landing spots for LaMarcus Aldridge


Boston Celtics – The Celtics have plenty of assets that they could part with to add to their already stacked frontcourt. A package that could benefit both sides of this transaction would be: LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green in a trade centered around Avery Bradley, while also trying to get two of their forwards, (Amir Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Jonas Jerebko and Tyler Zeller.) The Spurs could find themselves with a better team than what they had, even while losing a superstar.

Denver Nuggets – The Nuggets have an assortment of talent that they could throw in a trade to acquire the power forward from San Antonio. The Nuggets could look to offer a package around Kenneth Faried and a combo player or two guard such as Wilson Chandler, Will Barton or Gary Harris. The Spurs could potentially bring in a starting power forward and a solid rotation player to their already strong lineup.

Detroit Pistons – The Detroit Pistons could find themselves fighting for a top seed in the Eastern Conference if they made a trade to acquire Aldridge. The Pistons could reunite the Spurs with Boban Marjanovic and stretch-4 in Tobias Harris for Aldridge. Detroit could have a star-studded front court that could quickly change their fortunes in winning the Eastern Conference, while San Antonio could bring in a player that already flourished in their system, (Marjanovic,) and an all-around stretch-4 in Tobias Harris that could look to dominate in a front court with Kawhi Leonard and Pau Gasol.

Phoenix Suns – Phoenix could look clear up their crowded backcourt by sending a trade of Brandon Knight and Alex Len to try and acquire Aldridge from the Spurs. They desperately wanted the power forward when he left the Trail Blazers and need an offensive post presence to play alongside Tyson Chandler. The Spurs could get a young and promising big man in Alex Len that would fit nicely in their system and could benefit from a season around Pau Gasol.

Washington Wizards – The Wizards are a team that seem to be one key piece away from contending in the Eastern Conference. In a swap of LaMarcus Aldridge for Markieff Morris and Andrew Nicholson, they could pry the power forward loose from the Spurs, giving them what would appear to be one of the better starting lineups in the Eastern Conference with Wall, Beal, Porter Jr., Aldridge and Gortat. The Spurs would virtually have a less productive version of Aldridge in Morris and a solid role-playing big man in Nicholson.


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