The Cleveland Show


The reigning NBA champions have been off to a rough start in 2017, going 7-8 during the month of January. Eight of the games were on the road while seven of them were against Western Conference teams, which could lead to the slumping start having just been a result of the team’s heavy travel schedule.

LeBron James has not been shy about sharing his feelings during his team’s slump.

He has talked about the team’s hesitancy spending money, the need for another playmaker and the roster being too top heavy. The team has not made any improvements to its roster since the NBA Draft when they took Kay Felder who has not shown as much promise since his Summer League stint.

In this respect, LeBron has a point in stating that his team needs another playmaker. LeBron is one of the best playmakers to ever play the game, but his team has had to resort to using Iman Shumpert as the primary backup point guard, which will be cutting it close if the Cavs plan on making a return to the NBA Finals.

They’ve started to explore other options and have looked into acquiring a veteran via trade. They’ve held a large workout with veteran free agent point guards as they look for someone to come in and be a floor general for the second unit.

The team has also been playing subpar defense while losing or keeping in close games with the likes of some of the worst teams in the NBA over the past month, (Kings, Pelicans, Suns, Nets and Mavericks.)

It all comes back to LeBron, though. Whether or not the Cavs do acquire another playmaker should make no difference—LeBron James is the best playmaker in the league.

He has help all over the court. Kyrie Irving has proven time and time again to be one of the most clutch players in the game. Kevin Love has accepted his role as the third option on the team and is actually blossoming in that role; and with the shooters LeBron has around him, including the recent addition of Kyle Korver, and J.R. Smith who has been out with injury while the Cavs have struggled as of late, he has most of what he needs to get back to the NBA Finals.


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