Ibaka for Ross

The Orlando Magic have not improved the way they thought they had over the offseason.

The trading of Victor Oladipo to bring in Serge Ibaka was a questionable move in the first place. Having give up so much to acquire him, they still find their franchise in a rebuild situation and have young talent like Aaron Gordon they need to find more minutes for. 

In this trade, they sent Serge Ibaka to Toronto in exchange for (SF) Terrance Ross and 2017 1st round pick. They’re getting a high flying 3-pt shooter who never really got an opportunity for a starting role in Toronto and looks to prove himself with this fresh start. Also, they acquired a 1st round pick in this summer’s talented draft which will be the lower pick of the Raptors and Clippers, (Toronto owns both.)

The Toronto Raptors are playing great this season; fighting for a top seed in the playoffs, they were looking to add a finishing touch to their roster. They have been missing a defensive post player since the Magic signed Bismack Biyombo during the offseason. They thought they had found a replacement this offseason in Jared Sullinger, but he’s only played 11 games this season. The Raptors now acquire Serge Ibaka who is going to provide them with an interior post presence, as well as stretch the floor. Ibaka seems like he could be a key piece to the Raptors having post season success. He has been to the playoffs before, even making a Finals run in 2011-12 with OKC, and he has contributed at a high level during the playoffs. 

This could be the finishing touch to a roster that is hoping to make a deep playoff run.



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